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A video glimpse of 4 me. to let you know our Garfagnana, our Apennines and our Apuan Alps riding a mountain bike

Welcome to Garfagnana mtb site

The territory of Countryside and Apuan Alps lend themselves in an extremely varied in the practice of mountain bike and hiking cycle in general . Breathtaking scenery await you in our bikers that all our tours are struck by the beauty of the area , strongly different from each other depending on the place in which they will ride , by vertiginous Apuan Alps, you crininali Apennine, up to squeeze into secular beech woods, historical villages and fairytale lakes! Pedaling with a Companion and Guide of Mountain Bike of the National Academy of Mountain Bike because it has its … will advise , He will know the area with the necessary security and its fun, two essential elements for the success of a cycling activities … Where are we going to go ? Surely in my territory … and in all the places where we will bring our curiosity … beautiful views and emotions await us .. Profession conducted pursuant to Article. 1 Law 14 January 2013 No.. 4 (professions not organized into Orders or Colleges)

English version The Garfagnana is a steep forested region and lends itself for riding mountain bike. The valley is in northwestern Tuscany, in the province of Lucca. It is crossed in its entirety by the Serchio River. Wild and stunning mountains surround the area: to the east/northeast, the Apennines and to the west, the Apuan Alps. Beautiful landscapes wait our mountain bikers, who they leave impressed to the beauty an wild nature of this land, which it offers different areas of territory to ride mountain bike, easy paths suitable for excursions and other more challenging or extreme for the most trained and adventurous. From the highest summits of raw Apuan Alps, to the sweet Apennines ridges, we’ll ride in ancient woods of larch ,historical and medieval towns, old fortresses, and fairy-tales lakes! You’ll ride with a professional Mountain bike guide from the National Mountain Bike Academy, who he’ll advice you, giving the opportunity to sharing the delights of the territory with confidence and right fun, two essential elements for a successful touristic bike activity.

Where are we going to ? …For sure in my territory and much more places following our curiosity…Amazing landscapes and adventures have been waiting for us

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MONTE PRADO (2054m s.l.m.) Mount Prado is the highest mountain of Tuscany, place on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines watershed ridge which forms the border between the province of Reggio Emilia and the province of Lucca. On Emilia side the summit marks the border between the towns of Ventasso and Villa Minozzo, while the Tuscan side belongs to the municipality of Sillano Giuncugnano, in Garfagnana. Practically a mountain bike locally…On hot summer days we can go up to Casone of Profecchia the Shuttle, where we will climb into the saddle and quickly valicheremo direction of the Step Scissors Refuge Abetina Royal, a pristine place run to perfection by Masha, that tempt you with some good dish make pleasant the climb to Lama Lite (1761 m s.l.m) Visit the beautiful lake and then off for about Bargetana 40 minute portage, the real one…. but in a fabulous environment! After reaching the summit of Mount Prado must bring out the downhillers that is in us! With a number of single tracks which alternate technical traits sometimes flow through open spaces, beeches, castagni, countries, mule tracks and streams all in one breath we get to Pieve Fosciana (-1700 mt.) with a single thought….when we can get back on top?!