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Section dedicated to e-mtb and mtb excursions with the family, routes suitable for everyone, young and old ... united by the same desire to have fun


Challenging routes astride the Apennines or the Apuan Alps with over 1000mt. of positive altitude difference. It is possible to do these in E-MTB or MTB, the only thing in common ...


Tour of two or more days, in the most beautiful spots of the mountains that surround us. Possibility of overnight stay in a refuge and shuttle transfers.


For those looking for something adventurous, where the programs are not welcome but only the adventure will dictate the law. Contact us privately!

Photo of the Mtb meeting "the run away from home"
Casone of Profecchia
13 August 2023

Thanks for the great photos and videos a:
Ida lenzi
Barbara Amidei
Sarah Gherardi

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Welcome to the Garfagnana MTB website

The territory of the Garfagnana and the Apuan Alps lend themselves in an extremely varied way to the practice of mountain biking and to cycling in general. .
Breathtaking landscapes await our bikers who are struck by the beauty of the area on all our excursions , strongly different from each other depending on the place in which they will ride , by vertiginous Apuan Alps, you Apennine ridges, until it enters centuries-old beech woods, historical villages and fairytale lakes!
Pedaling with a Mountain Bike Guide and Guide of the National Mountain Bike Academy has its own reason ... he will be able to advise you , He will know the area with the necessary security and its fun, two essential elements for the success of a cycling activity… Where will we go ?
Certainly in my territory ... and in all the places where our curiosity will take us ... splendid views and emotions await us ..
Profession conducted pursuant to Article. 1 Law 14 January 2013 No.. 4 (professions not organized into Orders or Colleges)

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Mtb Guide

My name is Marco, ho 44 years and I live in the province of Lucca, in Castelnuovo, capital of the Garfagnana, where I was born and raised. I have a wife, three children, a dog and ... ... a boundless passion for the outdoors and nature! I much prefer to stay in a wood than in a square! Thanks to my father who passed on his passion for two wheels to me, I was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot by motorbike, meeting people and discovering wonderful places. Then ... living in a valley like the Garfagnana nestled between the Apennines and the Apuan Alps where the offer of natural beauties to admire is varied, the passion for MTB is
grown in me in a spontaneous and natural way for several years now. So I attended the national course at the MTB academy and today I am a guide. I love discovering new trails and, whenever, I am amazed and amazed by the wonders offered by nature! I am a positive person, I like to be in company and make beautiful rides by making my experience available .... but also always ready to learn and accept advice ......... '

Mtb Guide

I am Fabrizio, in love with the mountain to 360 ° and in my spare time when you are not a bike I dedicate myself to climbing and mountaineering.
I became MTB guide attending the National Academy of MTB we say almost by accident, or, I started cycling to recover from a small injury in the mountains… it was love at first sight!
By now a lot of time with my bike, with her can not feel free from any constraint, visit places that sometimes they see only my occasional passage or a few other connoisseurs of the Garfagnana and the Apuan Alps, where those seeking a bit of adventure will not be disappointed.
The rest of me can be read at the point summary 6 of the article "6 good reasons to ride a MTB guide

Rent e-bike/bike

The rental service and biking / bike

Discovering Garfagnana with bicycles with assisted pedaling or muscle
There are many possibilities to make bike tours along the trails and dirt roads of the valley. All trains of Lucca-Aulla line guarantee the bicycle transport service and this allows you to program the major trails crossed, as the paths of the Garfagnana Epic, that engage hundreds of bikers every year.
What is an e-bike
They are bicycles or mountain bikes that help pedaling with the help of an electric motor. Different levels of assisted thrust can be used, as well as it is possible to disable the battery and use it as a normal bicycle. They have a range of 30-50 Km, depending on the intensity of use of the engine. These bikes can therefore be used by anyone, even those who are not in top form.
The range of e-bikes available
e-mtb frontE-MTB
For those who want to deal with technical and challenging off-road trails, They are highly specialized and technologically advanced

Garfagnana MTB offers scheduled tours, individual and group proposals.

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6 Reasons to run with a guide on mountain bike



always tickles the idea of ​​repeating several times the same path: learn the steps, curves and changes of direction. At the same time, But, you risk falling into monotony justified by the fact that out from the known, the rest seems a maze in which it is easy to get lost. Each of us can and must change perspective, occasionally. Here then is that the figure of the guide is an excellent investment to learn about new paths, discover new destinations and expand the known terrain.



Explore a place independently it has the adventurous and it's definitely addictive, but the need is to always think, really all: the possibility of getting lost, security measures, until the errors of assessment. The guide, instead, greatly lowers the risk level, lifting the biker by many (not all, clearly) responsibility. Summarizing, you can focus on what really matters in the riding, entrusting the exploration looks to someone who has already done much earlier.



The figure of guide, not only does it guarantee you an impeccable knowledge of the outdoors, but also of the customs and habits of the place. Offers advice on where to eat, where to have fun in the evening and where to stay overnight to have everything at your fingertips. A tour with a guide includes lunch in a restaurant or restaurant: places that offer excellent quality in places that would be difficult to reach by an independent tourist. Nothing beats the mid-day lunch organized by the guides ... hearty dishes, typical products and prices from local!



The guide knows all the bike shops in the area where you are and it is certainly very useful to have a secure contact for the repair of your vehicle or for the rental of the bike you have always dreamed of trying. Renting a bicycle on site, on the other hand, it allows you to really try out a top quality model in the field and in ideal conditions; especially if you get a chance to just focus on what, without thinking about the way forward, the crossroads to know or the embarrassment of reading a map in the middle of an exciting descent.



Knowing the area and the many alternatives that offer a tour, the guide is able to make small variations of the route according to the needs of the group. In this way, how you can shorten or choose the easiest alternative to the predetermined path, You can stretch or choose the most technical stretch when it seems to him that the group has the skills necessary to enjoy it better. The guide takes into account many factors and, based on these, he can modify the itinerary and tailor it to the customer's needs.
Many times a day of riding is canceled due to bad weather or conditions that cannot be ridden. The guide, in this case, is able to deviate from the pre-established program and choose the right place to go out anyway and make the most of the day. For example: output is preceded by a particularly rainy day, here the guide chooses to ride in a different or sunnier area than the predetermined one knowing that the conditions will be much better.



You will most likely meet great people. It is a kind of natural selection: People who dreams of cycling in remote and unknown environments tends to be simply beautiful, and very approachable. Add some 'of singletrack quality and a drink at the end of lap and here are formed friendships and relationships that create a network of contacts between bikers ever wider and more reliable. In summary, the guide is a handyman: It leads the group, it is many times the mechanic, It is a traveling companion, is a controller and advisor, He is acquainted with the facts, sometimes he tells stories, sometimes he invents some… a friend to share subsequent experiences with, in other territories.
In any case is the reference figure to fully enjoy adventure and an experience in the round on board the two wheels.